• Auto Car Windshield Windscreen Window Compact Solid Wiper Cleaner

OEM Auto Car Windshield Windscreen Window Compact Solid Wiper Cleaner

OEM for customers' brands and package design with bulk quantity

Auto Car Windshield Windscreen Window Compact Solid Wiper Cleaner


Good quality.

For car window cleaning.

Convenient to use.

Compact size.

Easy to use.


1 Piece add 4 liters of water.

Concentrated car window glass cleaner.

Use convenient, rinse block and concentrated use.

Performance efficient, a grain of 4 liter equals to general water wiper.

Concentrated super auto glass cleaner , than conventional glass water Cleaning strong 



Color: shown as the pictures

Material: concentrate

Single piece size: 1.7*0.5cm


Package Included:

1 x car windscreen cleaning rinse block(6pcs)


1) Turns regular water into powerful cleaning fluid, one tablet in 4L water will equal to 

4L windshield washer.

2) More conveniently and easily to use than traditional windscreen cleaner.

3) Dissolve thoroughly, no residual and apply for all kinds of cars.

4) Environmental friendly, biodegradable, phosphate and fragrance free formula.

5) Very effective at removing bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap and road grime from your windshield.

6) Mixable with anti-freezing agent, for improved cleaning performance in winter.

7) No measuring, no spills, no mess or plastic bottles to dispose of and no storage.

8) Add directly to your reservoir or pre-mix in a separate container and top up as needed.

9) You can even try it on mirrors and other glass surfaces that need to sparkle and shine!

Special Note:Please be aware that this is a summer formulation.

It will not prevent water from freezing in your reservoir. If you need to clean your windscreen during freezing cold winter, just purchase an anti-freeze windshield cleaning solution and add Windscreen Green to it.

Safe for all metal, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces



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